Robotic Systems

Robotic Systems

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Hammond Roto-Finish specializes in robotic design and integration. Design and development is carried out in our in-house process lab. Auxiliary equip- ment such as belt and buff heads, as well as dust collectors, are manufac- tured by Hammond Roto-Finish. By working directly with our customers, we can configure customized Robotic Cells to best suit your individual needs and help control costs.

Applications range from belt polishing, buffing, grinding, brushing and de-flashing.

Robotic Cell Heads

Cells Heads perform many tasks… from cleaning and buffing, to descaling and finishing.

RBL 14-2 Head for Buff and WheelsRBL 14-2 Head for Buff and Wheels
114 Head - Double Belt114 Head – Double Belt
Belt Head for Small Radius PolishingBelt Head for Small Radius Polishing
Servo Actuated Double Brush HeadServo Actuated Double Brush Head

Modular Design Enclosures

Our Cell Enclosures help keep residual dust and particulate from entering your shop. They are also used to deaden the sound of the running machinery.

Typical 4’ x 4’ Cell HeadTypical 4’ x 4’ Cell Head
Extruded Aluminum EnclosureExtruded Aluminum Enclosure

Robotic Grippers

The Grippers are a key element to a robotic cell. They control the cell’s ability to articulate the part and perform its finishing function.

Quick Change GripperQuick Change Gripper on a Rack for Automatic Change Between Parts
Formed Gripper for Small PartsFormed Gripper for Small Parts
Single Rack Quick Change GripperSingle Rack Quick Change Gripper
Servo Actuated Double Brush HeadMachined Gripper to Match Part Control

Part Loading Systems

The Part Loading Systems keep the flow of the pieces to the Grippers. An efficient and effective parts loader leads to a more productive process.

Tombstone Type of Part LoadingTombstone Type of Part Loading
Single Part Tip-Out DrawerSingle Part Tip-Out Drawer
Multiple Part, Dual Slide-in DrawerMultiple Part, Dual Slide-in Drawer