Hammond Roto-Finish offers ISO-accredited finishing services for Aero Engine and Air Frame components. Our state-of-the-art engineering lab is equipped to perform finishing trials on our client’s components to ensure the optimum surface finish is obtained – resulting in improved engine performance, decreased fuel consumption, exhaust gas temperature margins and limited metal removal.

  • Robot Cell Integration for Belt Grinding and Buffing of Blades
  • Vibratory Tub Finishing for Large Blades
  • Vibratory Bowl Finishing for Blades
  • Vibratory Fixtured Bowl Machines for Blisk and Casings
  • Versa-Flow Spin-Finish for Deburring and Surface Finishing of Blades


Hammond Roto-Finish builds machinery and designs processes for finishing metal parts. The end result of our wide range of machines is a perfectly finished product – however the process by which this is achieved this is different for all.We have direct experience with all calibers of small arms ammunition up to 20 mm, as well as several sizes of ordinance. Our Spiratron®, Multi-Pass® and Roto-Max® machines are capable of processing a vast size range of product. The leading question we are often asked is “How many and how fast?” Our answer to that is “How many and fast would you like?” We have a wide range of machine and finishing processes to meet your needs. Choose from: Vibratory Batch Finishing, Vibratory Continuous Finishing or Centrifugal Batch Finishing methods.


The High Energy Roto-Max Revolution® centrifugal disc finisher with Up-flow® Technology is extremely well suited for the blank finishing industry. This patented technology creates a unique processing and separation package that delivers superior finishing and yields bright lustrous blanks. The flexible design allows additional equipment to be added to Roto-Max Revolution® to augment the finishing process. Automated load systems, vibratory or conveyor wash and rinse stations and corn cob media or hot air dryers can be added onto this base to provide many levels of production from simple batch processing to complete automation.