Versa-Flow Spin-Finish

Versa-Flow Spin-Finish

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The Versa-Flow Spin-Finish machine is a very high energy finishing system.

The machine uses a spinning tub of media that is either a very aggressive abrasive to remove heavy burrs from a work piece…or a very fine wet or dry polishing media for producing a very high color, or a low ra surface finish. Parts that are processed in the Spin-Finish are normally parts that: cannot have part-on-part contact; are high value parts; or where a lean manufacturing single part flow is needed.

The tub revolves at a range of speeds dictated by the need of aggression, the need of a more gentle action, or a light slurry. As the tub spins, it creates centrifugal energy and surface feet. The combination of the two create a dramatic combination of forces on the surface of the work-piece which is very effective in removing burrs and producing very low Ra surfaces. The centrifugal force produced by the spinning tub and weight of the media provides a form fitting abrasive mass moving around the work-piece.

How Versa-Flow Spin-Finish Operates:

  • Parts are fixed using collets or special tooling on the spindle.

  • Rotating spindle tilts parts into rotating mass/slurry.

  • Part presentation to the mass is critical.

  • Once process is complete, the part tilts out of the tub.

  • Versa-Flow Spin-Finish is very well suited for several industries:

    – Aerospace
    – Automotive
    – Firearm
    – Tool & Die

This is a very small sample of where Versa-Flow Spin-Finish can be used for solving finishing problems.

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