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The Hammond Roto-Finish V-Max® series vibratory finishing machines are a new development in vibratory mass finishing.

The V-Max® machine is based on the design of the “HR” machines built by Hammond Roto-Finish.  The main component of the HR bowl is the certified pressure vessel that forms the bottom of the bowl, with the completed weldment the bowl structure is a “dome”. The weldment design and vibratory drive design allow the V-Max® bowl to operate at speeds no other vibratory bowl can match.

Up to 50% Cycle Time Reduction over Conventional Vibratory Machines!

The design of the bowl and drive in conventional machines create “bounce” within the media that translates into air time between the media and part.

In the redesigned V-Max®, the force of the machine is more directly applied to the media, putting more energy into the roll of the media.  The roll, visually apparent while the machine is running, creates a dramatically increased media-on-part contact time.  This is demonstrated in the amplitude difference of the machines.

The increased contact time, along with the increased force of the higher RPM, is the cause of the reduced cycle time.

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