Flat Finishers

Flat Finishers

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The Flat Finisher Machines are designed for removing light burrs or stock from flat stamped, laser cut and plasma cut parts. The machines use abrasive belt heads that can remove stock and burrs. Many times a planetary brush head is used in combination or singularly depending on the amount of burr or radius required.

Fine blank stampings are ideal candidates for our Flat Finisher machines.

  • Abrasive Belt Heads (configuration customizable)

  • Capable of Wet or Dry Processes

  • Planetary Brush Heads

  • Wide Range of Power Options (7.5 or 20 HP)

  • Heavy-Duty Construction – Built for Years of Constant Duty Use

  • Permanent Neodymium Roller Platen

  • Inline De-Mag Capabilities

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